Mobile Warehouse Inventory Management

Integrate and extend ERP inventory data with RFgen Mobile Data Collection and Warehouse Inventory Management Software for real-time visibility and traceability.

Get complete visibility in your supply chain

Whether you’re adding suppliers, carrying more products, creating new channels or going global, paper-based and manual data collection processes can hinder your ability to scale and meet new demands. With manual processes, you can’t achieve real-time visibility into your inventory, are at a higher risk for errors, and can’t confidently track items as they move through your supply chain.

You may need automated data collection if you have:

  • A high rate of errors and returns.
  • Inefficient utilization of employees.
  • Excessive overstock or run out of items.
  • Messy warehouse or storage facilities.
  • Misplaced or lost inventory.
  • Lengthy, resource-intensive inventory (cycle) counts.

Automate data collection

With RFgen and inventory tracking based on barcode labels, you can achieve up to 60% greater efficiency in the warehouse or shop floor and boost accuracy by as much as 40% over paper-based processes.

RFgen Mobile Data Collection and Inventory Management Software enable accurate, real-time visibility of your inventory so you can:

  • Improve employee productivity and squeeze cost out of your operations.
  • Better forecast demand, minimize safety stock and avoid stockouts.
  • Eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors and minimize costly returns.
  • Meet customer expectations for overnight, 2-day, and/or free shipping.
  • Minimize shrinkage due to lost or stolen inventory.
  • Confidently make decisions that grow the business.

Comply with government & industry regulations

Industries such as food and beveragelife sciences (pharmaceuticals and medical device), and aerospace and defense operate under strict government regulations such as DFARS, ePedigree, the FDA Bioterrorism Act, and more. Failure to comply can result in costly penalties like judicial action, criminal convictions, fines, restitution, imprisonment, not to mention the risk of lost customers and revenue.

To respond quickly to audits and minimize the impact of a recall, suppliers must know where every item in their supply chain came from and where each finished product was last shipped to.

Using RFgen’s mobile data collection and inventory management software, you can:

  • Trace food from the field to the fork through growers, processors, wholesalers, distributors, and ultimately to retail grocery stores.
  • Follow the path of drugs and devices from manufacturing to distribution and retail sales, so you can protect consumers and patients.
  • Respond accurately to audits in hours, rather than days or weeks.
  • Contain the scope of recalls by tracking specific lots from suppliers to customers, so you only withdraw affected products.

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Integrate your ERP data into your inventory management workflows

Ensure accurate, up-to-date information in your ERP or enterprise system by managing your inventory with RFgen Mobile Data Collection and Inventory Management Software. RFgen includes a suite of enterprise mobility solutions for your ERP that enables you to collect information about your items from anywhere in your supply chain or out in the field. These mobile solutions are ready to use, or can be modified to meet unique requirements using the RFgen Mobile Development Studio; our Consulting Services team is also available to customize mobile apps for you.

With RFgen mobile data collection solutions, you can:

  • Manage inventory in your warehouse, at a store, in shipment, or out in the field.
  • Automate cycle counts so they take hours or days, not days or weeks.
  • Lookup product details, availability and location from your mobile device.
  • Issue inventory, parts or materials to customers, other warehouses or internal projects.
  • Transfer, reconcile and control inventory.
  • Update quantities when materials are consumed in manufacturing.
  • Accelerate pick, pack, ship, and other fulfillment processes.

Track and trace products, components and ingredients

Certain industries like food and beverageaerospace and defense, and the life sciences are held to higher standards of quality as well as traceability. You must protect consumers, coordinate with partners, guard against counterfeit products and ingredients, and prove compliance with government and industry regulations.

RFgen Inventory Management software suites can help you achieve full traceability and allows you to track key information like:

  • Lot number
  • Serial number
  • Batch number
  • Expiration date
  • Storage requirements for sensitive items
  • Ingredient, part or product origin

Print your own barcode labels

RFgen's mobile data collection software has built-in integration capabilities to any of the major enterprise barcode label software solutions, thus enabling you to populate your barcode labels or RFID tags with your ERP data for true end-to-end data accuracy. Vendor independent, RFgen can integrate with your favorite barcode label software allowing you to generate the desired design formats you need for various functions within your operations. 

Manage inventory in remote warehouses and in the field

RFgen technology allows you to keep your operations running 24/7 and your employees productive no matter their location. With RFgen's High Availability Distributed Solutions, workers can continue scanning and collecting data, regardless of the connectivity to your back-end enterprise system or ERP.

Workers in the field equipped with RFgen and mobile devices can not only lookup product and part information, but they can also update inventory as soon as products are sold, or as parts are consumed on a job. RFgen Off-Network Mobility solutions also allow your field workers to be productive in areas where network connectivity is spotty or unavailable. 

Optimize warehouse workflows

Increase throughput from your warehouse by automating and optimizing workflows like receiving, putaway, transfers, and picking. RFgen Warehouse Director supports approaches like wave picking, cross-docking and other advanced methodologies used to streamline your operations and maximize employee utilization. Consider voice-enabled mobile solutions for even greater speed and accuracy.

Incorporate License Plating, or pallet labels, for simplified management of like-items packed together in a container under a single barcode. This allows you to track a variety of key product information and maximize movement of items through the warehouse or shop floor, and streamline staging activities for shipping.


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