Voice Picking

Maximize your team's picking, receiving, loading and putaway with voice-enabled technology.

Modernize your team's picking, receiving, loading, and put-away processes

It's no secret that most people can talk faster than they can type or scan. Voice-enabling your warehouse or distribution center can improve productivity anywhere from 11%-50% over a manual, hand-held scanner or pick-to-light systems—while often improving accuracy. Customers using a Vocollect Voice solution have seen significant improvements in throughput, cost savings, and reduced training time:

Voice picking delivers:

  • 20% improvement in productivity.
  • Up to 99.99% order accuracy.
  • 50% reduction in training time.

Voice receiving can:

  • Eliminate double-checking by a supervisor before receiving is complete.
  • Allow implementation of labor standards with data capture.

Voice loading yields:

  • Increases staff productivity and volume by 20%.
  • Reduced floor space—doors turn faster.

Voice putaway and replenishment results in:

  • Improvement in staff productivity while increasing volume.
  • Improvement in replenishment rate (pallet/hour).
  • Reduction in training time.
  • Savings of over $30K/year in capital equipment.

Achieve Lean Warehouse Operations

Voice recognition technology has proven a significant way to help organizations maintain “lean” warehouse operations, decrease their training costs, and sharply reduce the time it takes for workers to become functional in their role—especially useful for companies that employ seasonal help or that have challenges with staff turnover. 

Combine the flexibility of RFgen, a Vocollect-certified Total Solution partner, with the usability of Vocollect Voice for the most efficient execution of processes such as Voice Picking, Order Selection, Putaway, Direct Pick/Pack/Ship, and Manufacturing Inspection, while ensuring real-time updates to your ERP or other enterprise back-end system. 

Tailored Voice Prompts are Effective

Workers wearing a lightweight headset enable clear voice prompts to perform tasks and speak directly to the system to confirm actions and move a process forward. Users spend a few hours training a device to recognize their voice so accents or local language requirements are not a problem. 

Because voice is a hands-free, eyes-free operation, workers can devote total attention to the task at hand, greatly reducing unproductive time and mistakes. Employees find they can perform at higher levels with less effort, allowing them to take more pride and ownership in their work.  This results in less overall turnover for your business. 

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RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solutions

Unlike most voice-enabled technologies, it's incredibly easy to get started with RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solutions. RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solutions enables you to implement ERP-connected voice up to 75% faster than other implementation methods. Your distribution center can be operational—with voice fully integrated into your ERP workflows—in just a few weeks, without making changes to your ERP system, or needing much support from IT.

More than voice picking

Extend multiple, real-time workflows from your ERP system to Vocollect voice-based devices. Far beyond voice picking, this market-leading solution will voice automate:

  • Order Selection
  • Receiving
  • Replenishment
  • Putaway
  • Picking and Selection
  • Outbound Loading
  • Cycle-Counting and Inventory
  • Transfers
  • Auditing
  • Back Stocking, and much more

Mature, proven technology for accurate results

Voice-directed work has been successfully deployed by large and small companies for more than 20-years, and Vocollect is a leading supplier with hundreds of installations and hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Its voice recognition software is superior to other devices; it supports local languages and needs only a few hours to learn your unique voice.

The Vocollect Voice technology then enforces order accuracy through the use of random check digits. The check digits are placed directly at the product’s location and must be read when the worker is at that location. The system won’t allow a worker to continue unless the appropriate digits are read, guaranteeing accuracy nearly 100% of the time.

The RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solution supports secure connections through Wi-Fi, WPA PSK, and WPA-Enterprise, and can be deployed in both centralized and distributed IT environments.

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